Introducing Pingboard

We’re pleased to announce UR’s new org chart and directory is now live!

The new system, powered by Pingboard, provides transparency in an interactive format, allowing users to easily view an employee’s contact information along with where they are situated in their team, department, and division.

Information for the org chart is synced and updated through University records and requires login for access, ensuring the highest levels of data security and accuracy. 

For those who need to access the directory or org chart on the road (or while working from home!), Pingboard supports a robust phone app where you can quickly search colleagues and directly text and email from the app with a single click.

UR staff have automatically been linked to the new org chart, but will need to follow these step by step log in instructions when accessing the system for the first time. More Pingboard resources can be found here.

If you have any questions about this new directory/org chart system, please reach out to Mary Flynt or Linda Klaybor

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