Volunteers Needed for Flu Blitz #2: Oct 13-15

UHS and HR are again asking for volunteers to assist during the flu blitz clinic. Rest assured, they are not asking staff to administer the vaccines. Rather, volunteers are needed to greet people when they arrive, to check their scheduled appointment, to facilitate signing consent forms, to swipe IDs, to run supplies, to direct people and so on. With the need for physical distancing during this event, there is simply a need for more people to help with the steps necessary to get our students, faculty, and staff through the process as safely and efficiently as possible.

Staff can sign up to volunteer here. We need 15 volunteers on a variety of shifts (3 hours) throughout the day.

Directions are on the signup form and are:

  • Arrive at Gate B of the ND Stadium.
  • Complete your daily health screening prior to arriving.
  • Wear your mask.
  • Dress comfortably. Closed-toed shoes required.


Volunteers will receive an email on Monday, Oct. 12th with more information. Any volunteer questions can be directed to Kathy Brannock at kbrannoc@nd.edu.

Please note that if any volunteers want their flu vaccine during their volunteer shift, they will be able to receive it at that time.

The Flu Blitz is particularly important during this time. As you may know, the University is requiring all students and strongly encourages all faculty and staff to receive the vaccine this year. For all information regarding this event, please visit HERE.

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