Pay Dates Remain the Same with Extended University Holidays

Last month, the University announced six additional paid holiday days for the upcoming holiday season. Two of those six holidays are scheduled pay dates. Please know that the scheduled pay dates will not change as a result of these six additional holidays.  Specifically, the following two holidays recently added will remain pay dates as originally scheduled:


  •  Wednesday, Nov 25 – Hourly payroll pay date (for the pay period Nov 7 to Nov 20)
  •  Wednesday, Dec 23 – Salaried payroll, Faculty payroll, and Hourly payroll pay date (for the pay period Dec 5 to Dec 18)


For more details on the year end pay dates and for changes to Personnel Actions and/or time reporting deadlines, visit the Payroll website. Further information will be announced as we approach the holidays, including communications for Ultra Time Supervisors on time reporting over the extended holiday period.

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