Name Badges


Earlier this month, the University shared the new brand standards for name badges, which are different from our current name badge layouts. Following the updated University branding, we have set a standard for University Relations badges.

We will be ordering new name badges for full-time staff to replace the current ones:

  • The new name badges will be ordered in June 2021 and we anticipate having the replacement badges by July 2021.
  • Two (2) name badges will be provided for each full-time employee
  • In late March 2021, we will send out a form to verify your name preference for your badge (ex. Gene/Eugene, Bev/Beverly, etc).

The brand standards have also been updated for Intern and Student Worker badges. The UR standard for these badges can be found in the document linked above.

If you have any questions about the process or about intern and student badges, please feel free to contact Lana Taylor.


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