Facemasks for the Spring Semester


We wanted to follow up with everyone about facemasks for the Spring semester as mentioned in last week’s message from Marie Lynn Miranda and Shannon Cullinan. The set of three face masks were mailed out on February 4th. The face masks are the same colors and patterns as the sets received in August.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lana Taylor (ltaylor1@nd.edu).

Newest Grace of Giving Episodes Out!

Start your new year off right with the newest episodes of “The Grace of Giving” podcast!

Shelby Carroll
The Grace of Giving welcomes Senior Regional Director of the Southwest Region, Shelby Carroll, to the show! In this episode we discuss leadership style, why Iowa is the greatest state in the union, and our first ever Domer Dog appearance in our Take Five segment. Thanks for being on the show Shelby, and Happy Birthday!

Michael Loungo
The Grace of Giving welcomes Senior Director of Global and Academic Advancement, Michael Loungo, to the show! In this episode we hear why we learn so much about the United States when we live abroad, why artificial intelligence will never be better than human beings in fundraising, and how a sip of whisky contains an entire history lesson! Thanks for being on the show Michael!


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Alumni Association – DEIU Update

Greetings University Relations family,

A huge thanks to everyone who attended our Discussion Group of 13th Documentary and Celebration of the 13th Amendment.

One of our University Relations values is “Feedback is a gift” and it is in that spirit that we encourage you to complete this very brief 4 question survey that will provide us with valuable feedback as we continue on our DEIU journey together.

With gratitude,

DEIU Task Force Co-Chairs
George West, James Riley, & Shelby Nerissa Carroll

DEIU Task Force Committee Chairs
Mike Brown, Communications & Impact
Shaheen Goldrick, Genuine Education & Engagement
Kathryn Valenti, Internal Equity

Condolences to Meghan Walsh


Please keep Meghan Walsh and her family in your thoughts and prayers as her mother-in-law, Pat Walsh, passed away peacefully last weekend due to complications from COVID. She had a difficult time since being admitted to the hospital in December. When the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do, she decided to go into hospice. That change allowed local family members to visit with her in person (2 at a time). For Meghan, being able to say good-bye was such a gift. Pat was a wonderful woman whose family, faith and friends meant the world to her. She will be missed.

Meghan and her family have been so thankful for the wonderful (truly above and beyond!) care she received during all of this. Meghan is grateful as well for the prayers and support she has received from her Notre Dame family during this difficult time.

Pat’s obituary can be found here: https://memorials.countrysidefuneralhomes.com/patricia-walsh/4515540/

-Cindy Karpovs

Farewell Dan Santucci


It is with mixed emotions I share officially what many of you have likely already heard—Dan Santucci will be leaving us at the end of the fiscal year to begin the next phase of his career, assuming the role of President at his alma mater, St. Patrick High School, an all-boy, Christian Brothers Catholic School on the northwest side of Chicago. This is a tremendous opportunity for Dan, and I am sincerely excited for him and the young boys for whom he will be a role model. That said, he will be sorely missed at Notre Dame as he has been a tremendous fundraiser, teammate, partner, and friend to so many in Development and at the University at-large.

In his new job, Dan will report directly to the Board of Trustees and will oversee all functions of the school including the Academy, Institutional Advancement, Admissions, Athletics, and daily operations. Please join me in congratulating Dan and celebrate him for the impact he has had during his time at Notre Dame.

Statement from Dan:
It is a bittersweet moment in my career to announce that I will be leaving Notre Dame at the end of this fiscal year. I can’t put into words how much I have enjoyed every minute of my time here. I have learned so much and grown in my professional life as well as in my personal life. I am forever grateful for all that Notre Dame has done for me and my family. The hardest thing to leave will be all of you, my colleagues and friends. Thanks so much for your unwavering support over the years.

In the end, I truly believe I was called away to help boys become young men. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to become the next President of my alma mater. Although I will miss everything about Notre Dame, I am excited to advance my career and begin this next chapter for my family.

-Sara Liebscher

UR a Force for Good – February Partner

Come join our team and walk with us! This month we’ll be highlighting the wonderful efforts of St. Margaret’s House whose mission it is to improve the lives of women and children by providing individual attention to their immediate needs, breaking the bonds of isolation and helping them acquire skills to better their lives.

Starting on Sunday, February 14th they will be having a Virtual Winter Walk to raise money for the women and children they serve. The cost is free to register but if you’d like to make a donation you are of course welcome. Use the link above to join the ND Development team, and let’s lace up our sneakers together for a great cause! If you are interested in other ways to volunteer check out their website here!

Rockne Athletics Fund Student-Athlete Networking Event

On Tuesday, February 16, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM ET, the Rockne Athletics Fund will be hosting a casual student-athlete networking event for our premier level members (ADC | JHC). A second evite was sent out on 1/28 from Shannon Longo, with an RSVP deadline of 2/12. Fundraisers will be notified if their benefactor signs up, we hope you will encourage them to attend. If you should have any questions, please contact William Mitchell or Shannon Longo.

UR February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all our colleagues celebrating their special days in February! We hope you feel loved and valued on your birthday and every day of the year!

2/2 – Kim Biagini
2/3 – Shelby Carroll
2/4 – Sara Munoz
2/10 – Jessica Reasons
2/12 – Aaron Wall
2/12 – Al Bucci
2/13 – Christa LeeVan
2/14 – Rich Naponelli
2/15 – Tony Roberts
2/16 – Larry Helmsing
2/16 – Matt Abernathy
2/20 – Danielle Knight
2/20 – Jacqueline Thomas
2/20 – Riley Koval
2/22 – Kristen White
2/23 – Heather Moriconi
2/24 – Shannon Longo
2/25 – Kathy Wadolowski
2/27 – Amy Schell
2/29 – Bill Kempf