Have you heard the news?…..We’re moving to asceND.


What is asceND?….It’s the most comprehensive advancement and constituent engagement solution in higher ed. 


Why are we asceNDing?…click on the image to learn why.





We’re very excited about this opportunity to implement a system that:

  1. Modernizes the user experience
  2. Provides an integrated solution to help break down data silos
  3. Drives fundraising productivity
  4. Builds personal engagements
  5. Streamlines operations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Has the ability to be agile in supporting changing business needs
  7. Provides a roadmap of future direction for continued growth


What will asceND do?

asceND will have the processes Advance Web, crmND, BEAT, and various reporting tools have and replace them. There will also be integrations with Tableau and other tools we are using to create a more seamless experience.

Look for project updates to appear in the weekly souNDoff newsletter, Tech Talk Live and Zoom product demonstrations. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any asceNDers team member. 

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