Hiring: AAD, College of Engineering

With a new Dean at the helm, the Academic Advancement Director for the College of Engineering role is more important than ever. We’re seeking a highly motivated, strategic fundraising partner for Dean Culligan – someone who can translate the College’s key objectives and goals into proposals our donors will find exciting, inspiring, and ultimately rewarding. An educational or professional background in a technical or scientific field is highly sought for this role: someone able to translate complex faculty ideas & projects into exciting, relevant proposals for interested donors. Did someone just pop into your mind? Great! Please feel free to share the posting with them! If they’d like to chat with a “real human” about this role, share my Calendly link to schedule 20 minutes to chat (no resume or introductory email required!). If you’re interested in this role yourself, I’d love to learn more! Simply find 30 minutes for a confidential conversation here. Thank you!

-Tara Gilchrist

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