Phishing Scam Alert

Please note that business managers across campus have been targeted by a phishing scam. This involves a toner scam which started with phone calls to an administrator and then escalated to an emailed invoice for payment online with credit card. We have seen similar toner scams in the past, and this is a good time to remind everyone, especially those business administrators that deal with supply orders, to be aware of scams like this.

The user also documented the phone numbers and names from the scammer company. All of this has been shared with the OIT who has successfully blocked the email address and phone numbers from campus. Although, to be safe, we wish to disburse this information as a reminder that toner is not vended by this company (or paid for by credit card) but best sourced from Office Depot or GovConnection, both of whom appear in buyND.

The phone numbers are as follows:

661-251-2295 – comes up as Keith Williams
312-815-6792 – comes up as IS Dept
404-777-3760 – comes up as IS Dept

The individuals go by James Howard and John Davis.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Hall in Procurement Services.

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