Tis the Season for Matching Gifts

Tis the season for matching gifts! We have begun using a new service called Double the Donation for more timely automation of matching gift claim reminder prompts for our benefactors. Gifts over $10,000 will NOT be receiving those automated messages. If you have specific prospects you do not want to receive automatic messages, let me know.

Due to this exciting change, I will more regularly be sharing matching gift lists with you all, especially during year end giving. This list includes all assigned prospects who made a gift between July 1 and November 24 and as of November 24 had not yet made a claim.

I’ve compiled a short list of some of our top matching gift companies with a December 31 deadline or other notable deadline for your quick reference.

As always, you can check any employer’s matching program details at: https://giving.nd.edu/ways-to-give/matching-gifts/

You can contact me via email at lcurry@nd.edu with any matching gift questions.

-Leslie Curry

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