Mandatory OIT Updates Required

You should have received an email from OIT on 6/23/22 notifying all ND employees to run the Eduroam Utility by June 30 to maintain Campus wifi access. Your action is required and you must complete this in order to connect to the campus WiFi network. Please follow the instructions provided in the email from OIT. Please note that if you run the Eduroam utility from home, the configuration will succeed but you are not in range of Eduroam so just click “continue” (and not retry) if running from home.

Also, as a reminder, on June 6th, you received an email from OIT with the subject “You have been assigned Security Awareness Training”. This training is mandator and your action is required. You must complete this on-line training by July 28, 2022. It is crucial to keeping both your personal information and Notre Dame’s data safe. Please note that the annual renewal of the responsible use policy will be coming soon also. Look for an email on this in a couple of weeks.

If you require any assistance on these mandator updates, 24/7 self-service assistance is available including the virtual agent, go to:, or contact the OIT Help Desk during business hours at 574-631-8111 or

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