Development Cultural Tasting Extravaganza: Friday August 24

Development Colleagues:

The Diversity Committee invites you to a Cultural Tasting Extravaganza on Friday August 24. This is an opportunity for the us to share and enjoy each other’s cultural and family traditional cuisine.

Colleagues at ESC: Prepare your favorite dish and drop it in the ESC Cafe. Contact Alyssia Coates or Marilyn Bassett about what you will bring.

Colleagues at Grace: Contact Stacy Koebel about what you will bring and where to drop food.

The hope is to have food available in both locations all day long!

All Development colleagues, including those who do not bring food, are invited to stop by and taste!

Contact us with questions.

Alyssia Coates & Marilyn Bassett


Welcome Matt LaFlash

The Strategic Applications and Business Intelligence team is excited to welcome Matt LaFlash to the team.  Matt began at the University on Monday, August 6th, and will be serving in the role of Business Intelligence Professional.

Matt comes to us from Earlham College where he worked as a Business Intelligence Developer.  Matt has multiple degrees from Ball State University including a BA in Pre-Medicine and Spanish with minors in Biology and Chemistry and a second BA in Biology with minors in African Studies, History, and Latin American Studies.  He also has an MS in Information and Communication Science.

In Matt’s role he will be supporting our reporting functions primarily focusing on our efforts to utilize visualization more through Tableau to deliver insights.  He will be working with all of our stakeholders to better understand your information needs so we can improve our systems to provide better information and insights.

Matt comes to South Bend with his wife Claudia and their two daughters Addie (3) and Charlotte (1).  He loves to travel and cook, although he often lets his wife cook so he can focus on eating.  He enjoys learning, especially foreign languages, and doing genealogical research.

We are excited to welcome Matt to the Development Business Intelligence team!


Paul Miller

Manager Business Intelligence

Strategic Applications & Business Intelligence

Service Recognition at UR Summit

Congratulations to the following colleagues who will be recognized at the UR Summit next week for their years of service.

Please send any needed edits or additions to Teri Vitale. Thank you!


Acosta Eugenio Five Years
Biagini Kimberly Ten Years
Bueno Mary Five Years
Buscareno Drew Fifteen Years
Changede Mayuri Five Years
Chase Lindahl Five Years
Conway Luke Ten Years
De Trempe Christopher Ten Years
Donnelly Jill Twenty Years
Donze Terry Thirty Years
Duffy Elizabeth Ten Years
Duke George Twenty-Five Years
Dziak Jeanine Ten Years
Faust Jeff Five Years
Forry Shannon Five Years
Gangluff Bill Five Years
Gardner Ernestine Ten Years
Harshman Marty Five Years
Hittner Marcia Ten Years
Johnson Angeline Five Years
Karpovs Cynthia Five Years
Keane Sharon Five Years
Klaybor Linda Twenty-Five Years
Kohler Richard Fifteen Years
Loesch Kiley Five Years
Loungo Michael Five Years
McGrath Dawn Ten Years
McGuire Gavin Five Years
Michalski Rosemary Thirty Years
Micola Von Furstenrecht Natella Five Years
Molnar Thomas Ten Years
Moran Brian Five Years
Neely Gretchen Five Years
Nugent Kevin Five Years
Palusci Roslyn Ten Years
Powell Brian Five Years
Reasons Jessica Five Years
Retartha Jonathan Five Years
Reynolds Richard Five Years
Riley James Five Years
Roberts Anthony Five Years
Sama Julia Ten Years
Santucci Daniel Five Years
Schnur Charles Twenty-Five Years
Shakour Michelle Twenty-Five Years
Spittler Maribeth Ten Years
Thornton Erin Five Years
Trosper Kristin Five Years
Vance Darlean Five Years
Wang Lin Five Years
Wenzel Brooke Five Years
Witous Jessica Five Years

Well done, summer interns!

Please join me in congratulating this summer’s cohort of the UR Internship Program for completing their 8-week term. Their friendship inspires us: their work advances our mission.
I am grateful for all colleagues who so warmly welcomed and richly supported interns. Special thanks to those who served as supervisors, mentors, and Friday facilitators. This generous investment yielded a transformative experience.
We look forward to ongoing partnership with this summer’s cohort.

For Notre Dame,
Bryan Reaume

Investing in One Area Of Professional Growth

As we work on FY19 individual goals, please consider below for investing in one area of professional growth.  Contact me with questions.
For Notre Dame,
Bryan Reaume

Main Idea #1: Work with your supervisor to identify a specific area of investment.
Optional exercises:
  1. Scan the University-wide Competency Model.
  2. Read the Curious Chameleon Fundraiser Competency Model.
  3. Revisit your job description/expectations and identify a core skill or responsibility.
  4. Read a book or article on leadership and target one of its highlighted principles.
  5. Identify a gap in university knowledge.
  6. Brainstorm ways to grow in technological ability.
  7. Solicit specific, direct feedback from trusted colleagues.

Main Idea #2: Work with your supervisor to create a detailed action plan that can be executed, measured, and supported throughout the fiscal year.  List the action plan as a goal in Endeavor. 
This plan can include many of the following activities:
  1. Attend HR learning programsCASE conferencesEAB webinars, and/or OIT workshops and present your learning to colleagues.
  2. Utilize books, modules, courses, and videos found at
  3. Use your educational benefit and enroll in an undergraduate or graduate course.
  4. Participate in cross-functional groups, focus committees, and/or special projects.
  5. Connect with colleagues for mentoring, shadowing, sharing best practices, cross-training, etc.
  6. Proactively offer to teach or train others in an area of expertise.
  7. Check-in regularly with your supervisor for progress-tracking, support, and feedback on your action plan.

Best Wishes, Kennedy St. Charles

Congratulations to Kennedy St. Charles for faithfully completing her two-year term as a participant in the university-wide Staff Fellows program. We are thankful for her rotational contributions to Storytelling, Special Events and Stewardship, Alumni Association, ND Trail, Campaign Administration, and Learning and Organizational Development. Kennedy’s final day in the office is Friday June 29.

We wish her the best in her next chapter: a fast-track MBA program in the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

Well done, Kennedy! You are forever a member of the Notre Dame/University Relations family.


ND Shares: Mental Health Resources

Thank you to Laura Midkiff, Wellness Center Coach Martha Vanderheyden, and Department of Psychology Professor & Practicum Coordinator Dr. Jennifer Hames for leading a timely and engaging discussion on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Please contact them anytime.

To participate in an ongoing discussion group on this topic, please contact Laura Midkiff.

Slides from Monday’s presentation


Article: How To Talk About Mental Health Issues at Work

Video: Michael Phelps Commercial

Notre Dame Psychological Services Center

Book: The Gifts of Imperfection. Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene’ Brown, Ph. D., L.M.S.W. 2010

Video: The power of Vulnerability TED Talk by Brene Brown 

Video: The Biggest Myth about Vulnerability by Brene Brown

Here Come the Interns!


Please join me in welcoming the summer 2018 cohort of the University Relations Internship Program.

From June 4 to July 27, each intern will lead a resume-worthy project, receive mentoring, participate in professional development and immersion activities, and benefit from CASE learning resources, including a trip to Washington DC June 24-26.  See more details about this summer’s program.

Many thanks to all who will supervise, mentor, host, and collaborate with our talented cohort.

For Notre Dame,

Bryan Reaume


How You Can Invest

  1. Take an intern to coffee or lunch.
  2. Listen to their stories. Share yours.
  3. Inquire about their perspectives as Notre Dame students.
  4. Make introductions. Assist their networking efforts.
  5. When requested, participate in their projects.
  6. Tell them the “why” of your service to Notre Dame and University Relations
  7. Invite an intern to share at your team meeting, benefactor visit, or event. Interns will work their supervisors to confirm availability.


Intern Celebration

We are grateful for the contributions of students who served as interns this academic year:

Hazem Khazbak, ’18
Claire Solomon, ’18
Elicia Dennis, ’18
Salonee Seecharan, ’18
Katie Smith, ’19
Laura Xi, ’19
McKenna Cassidy, ’20
Tony Castrodale, ’21


Stay tuned for the announcement of the summer 2018 intern cohort starting June 4!

For Notre Dame,

Bryan Reaume