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After many months planning and preparing for my hike to Spain, the time has actually arrived. It is my last few days before leaving. I have to say that I am actually frightened. I sit and feel this great fog in my mind preventing me from packing or moving forward. Here I have been so looking forward to this journey and now my brain is playing games with me. I hear the gears moving but nothing is happening.

I hear this wee voice deep inside of me saying, “Snap Out of it Woman!” It must be my gut and you know what they say about your gut? Yes, always listen to your gut. Very well then….I am up and moving! I cannot let myself get bogged down in too many plans. I have my well thought out list, purchased and gathered gear, tickets, and wonderful family support. Now I need to work on space management. Think of this ladies (and gentlemen), I have one backpack to use for everything I need for over two weeks. This weekend I will double check the list and then attempt to put everything in the backpack. It will take a master’s degree in packing to make this work. I have read a ton of blogs that warn me about how much weight to put in the bag. I am sure I will be “unpacking” many things before next week’s departure.

As the packing commences, I will chime in on my packing methods both dos and don’ts.

For the wandering soul…My next entry will provide my packing list to assist you with their potential journeys.

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