Welcome to Machine Intelligence and kNowledge Engineering (MINE) lab that is directed by Prof. Xiangliang Zhang in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Our mission is to enable ​computer machines to​ learn through experience and by the use of data. We are also called data “miners”. We pursue the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to enable knowledge advancement in a variety of fields. 

Welcome motivated Ph.D. candidates to join us at the MINE lab at Notre Dame!

Group members:

Current Students under Supervision or Co-supervision at KAUST:

  • PhD students
    • Hongyan Bao
    • Xiaochuan Gou
    • Manal Alshehri
    • Xiuying Chen

PhD students Graduated from MINE lab at KAUST, and their last updated position:

  1. Qiang Yang. Postdoc researcher at University of Florida, USA
  2. Chaosheng Ma. Assistant Professor at Lanzhou University, China
  3. Shichao Pei. Assistant Professor at UMass Boston, USA
  4. Qiannan Zhang. Postdoc researcher at Cornell University, USA
  5. Zhuo Yang. Researcher at Huawei, China
  6. Peng Han. Full Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  7. Lu Yu. Senior Algorithm Engineer at Alibaba, China
  8. Uchenna Akujuobi. Research Scientist from Sony AI, Japan
  9. Basmah Altaf. ML researcher and practitioner, Huawei, Montreal, Canada
  10. Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin. Research scientist at the Google Brain Team in Zurich, Switzerland
  11. Basma Al-Harbi. Assistant Professor at Jeddah University, Saudi Arabia
  12. Abdulhakim Qahtan. Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, Netherland

Master PhD students recently graduated from MINE lab at KAUST, and their last updated position:

  • Zhenwei Tang. PhD student at University of Toronto, Canada
  • Xiaodong Wu. PhD student at Queen’s University, Canada
  • Reem Alghamdi. PhD student at KAUST