Recommendation Systems

We design machine learning based models for session-based recommendation, sequential recommendation, social recommendation, POI recommendation, safe recommendation, interpretable recommendation, and so on.

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  • Ziyi Kou, Saurav Manchanda, Shih-Ting Lin, Min Xie, Haixun Wang and Xiangliang Zhang. Modeling Sequential Collaborative User Behaviors for Seller-aware Next Basket Recommendation. Accepted for publication in the CIKM 2023 proceeding. (Acceptance rate of 24%, 354 out of 1472 FULL paper submissions).
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  • Taicheng Guo, Lu Yu, Basem Shihada, Xiangliang Zhang. Few-shot News Recommendation via Cross-lingual Transfer. Accepted by The Web Conference 2023. Texas, USA on April 30 – May 4 2023. (Acceptance rate = 19.2%, 365 out of 1900 submissions)
  • Manal Abdulaziz Alshehri, Xiangliang Zhang. Generative Adversarial Zero-Shot Learning for Cold-Start News Recommendation. Accepted as a full paper by CIKM 2022.
  • Lu Yu, Shichao Pei, Feng Zhu, Longfei Li, Jun Zhou, Chuxu Zhang, Xiangliang Zhang. A Biased Sampling Method for Imbalanced Personalized Ranking. Accepted as a full paper by CIKM 2022.
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  • Junliang Yu, Hongzhi Yin, Jundong Li, Qinyong Wang, Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung, and Xiangliang Zhang. Self-Supervised Multi-Channel Hypergraph Convolutional Network for Social Recommendation. The Web Conference 2021 (WWW’21), April 2021.  (acceptance rate of 20.6%, 357/1736).
  • Xuhui Ren, Hongzhi Yin, Tong Chen, Hao Wang, Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung, Zi Huang, Xiangliang Zhang. Crsal: Conversational recommender systems with adversarial learning. To appear in  ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 2021.
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