Create a Site or Blog

In order to create a site you must be faculty, staff or student of the University of Notre Dame.

Please review the information in the Guidelines before signing up for a site:

  • URL: All URL’s will be set up at ““. Custom subdomains are not supported. We cannot obtain custom url’s (.com/.net, etc.) for use on this system.
  • Eligibility: You must be faculty, staff or student of the University of Notre Dame.
  • Support: We will set you up with a site/blog for free. Due to limited availability, customizations and direct assistance are generally not provided. Please see the resources section for additional help available for free online.
  • Appropriate Use: We reserve the right to remove inappropriate material from any Notre Dame site or blog. See Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy (PDF) for more information.
  • Copyright: Content posted to this site is subject to the University’s Intellectual Property Policy. You are also expected to observe the copyrights of other authors (publishing on the web does NOT mean the content is free to use.)
  • Security: The University takes measures to protect you. However, you are responsible for never sharing your login and maintaining a strong password.
  • Comments and Spam: You are responsible for moderating comments and using the tools provided to prevent spam.
  • Themes and plugins: Users cannot install additional plugins or themes. FTP/SSH access is not allowed. See the Installed Themes and Plugins page to review what is currently available.
  • Inactive Sites: If a site is not updated for a period of time, it will be eligible for removal. Please see Site Removal for more information.

To request a site, visit the site request page. You will need to enter your NetID and password to proceed.

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