Enhancing Your Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary is a task that can seem either overly simple or overwhelming. In this workshop, we discuss how to select new vocabulary to learn, what contextual items should be learned along with new words, and best practices for studying new words. We also discuss techniques for dealing with unknown vocabulary.

Enhancing Your Vocabulary

Study the Academic Word List: http://www.uefap.com/vocab/select/awl.htm;

Examine the AWL sublists:  http://www.victoria.ac.nz/lals/resources/academicwordlist/publications/awlsublists1.pdf

See if there is specialized vocabulary for your field, or check your knowledge of the General Service List :  http://www.uefap.com/vocab/select/selfram.htm

Learn basic etymologies, to help you understand new words you come across: http://eapcslc.nd.edu/files/2014/03/Etymologies-Handout.pdf

Or make your vocabulary study into a game!: https://tefltastic.wordpress.com/worksheets/eap/awl/

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