How to Improve Your Academic English

How to Improve you Academic English

This workshop presents several techniques non-native speakers can utilize to maximize their success when speaking and writing in English. Participants can learn how to identify and overcome the most common mistakes and problem areas encountered by international students.

Make a plan for working on your academic English
• Set realistic goals
• Learn about the features of academic English
• Read for more than just content
• Use your new vocabulary in your daily life
• Favor frequency vs. length
• Making Pronunciation a Habit

English Pronunciation Strategies and Techniques

Even when you use a word correctly, your audience may not understand you if you mispronounce it.  Check out the PPT slides for strategies, techniques, and resources for improving your English pronunciation.

Remember that you can schedule a tutoring appointment with an EAP fellow to work on your specific pronunciation difficulties.  Go to, and click on “Reservations.”

English Pronunciation Strategies and Techniques