Talking with Others about Your Research

As a scholar you must be able to make your work comprehensible to both specialists and non-specialists. This workshop highlights the different situations in which international students need to be able to explain their research, from academic conferences to dinner with friends. Learn what you need to cover, and begin composing and practicing your research spiel.

A “good” research pitch is compelling, concise, and conveys competency.

Talking with Others about your Research Notes


Organizing a Research Paper

In this workshop, we discuss how to organize academic papers. We cover all levels of organization, from the sentence to the paragraph to the entire paper.

Organizing a Research Paper Notes

Email Etiquette

Do you struggle with achieving the right tone, in emails to your professors or students?  Are you uncertain about how to address people via email, or how to politely ask your professors for a favor?  This blog post will assist students in navigating email interactions. We will focus on achieving the appropriate level of respect and formality when writing to professors, colleagues, students, and strangers. Additionally, we will discuss how to deal with common situations, such as when others do not respond to your email.

Email Etiquette