US Classroom Culture: What to Expect as an International Student and Teaching Assistant

Navigating the culture of a new university can be daunting, especially when it’s in a different university system than we are accustomed to: the standards of behavior for both teachers and students are likely different in the US than in your home country.  This blog will address the cultural values that have influenced the US university system and offer tips and strategies for leading classes, building rapport with your students, and interacting with your professors.

US Classroom Culture EAP Blog

The Derek Bok Center (Harvard University): Oral Communications Course for International Teaching Assistants

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Useful Transition Words and Phrases

Some Scripts for Interacting with Professors and Students

Starting a Successful Job Search

Finding a job or internship can be a confusing and challenging process.  This workshop makes it a little easier.  While employers may be looking for applicants with diverse experience and the ability to speak more than one langauge, searching for a position as an international student can involve additional challenges.

An informational interview can help you to:

  • Investigate a specific career field
  • Uncover career options you never knew existed
  • Assist in narrowing (or expanding) options
  • Obtain advice on where your skills might be applied
  • Learn about important issues in a career field
  • Broaden your own network of contacts for future reference

Starting a Successful Job Search Summary

Sample Letter Requesting an Informational Interview

Sample Telephone Conversation Requesting an Informational Interview

Sample Letter of Thanks After an Informational Interview

How to Improve Your Academic English

How to Improve you Academic English

This workshop presents several techniques non-native speakers can utilize to maximize their success when speaking and writing in English. Participants can learn how to identify and overcome the most common mistakes and problem areas encountered by international students.

Make a plan for working on your academic English
• Set realistic goals
• Learn about the features of academic English
• Read for more than just content
• Use your new vocabulary in your daily life
• Favor frequency vs. length
• Making Pronunciation a Habit