Germany gets new online platform for legal services

Here is a good example of attorneys realizing their is a need for low cost and efficient legal services, and giving just that to clients.  Legalbase was started by people with experience in media, law, and entrepreneurship, and is a nice illustration of law being the primary service of a start-up, much like LegalZoom in the US.


3 thoughts on “ Germany gets new online platform for legal services

  1. I agree that a start-up like this new legal platform in Germany can have many great benefits. However, I think the article I attached below provides another perspective on the effect advances in technology can have on different industries and society at large. In the article the author discusses how technological innovation can lead to a widening in the gap between the lower and upper class and an increase in unemployment. In thinking about all the benefits a start-up can have I found this alternative viewpoint to be interesting and thought you might too.

  2. I am still skeptical about how good companies like this can be at providing effective legal services.