Bringing an Entrepreneurial Spirit to a New Job

The law school curriculum is largely rooted in academia, with minimal focus on acquiring the “soft skills” necessary to excel beyond the basic, entry-level job expectations. This Forbes article presents four things we can all do within the first few weeks at a new job to excel beyond expectations. Although these are (hopefully) common-sense, I wonder if our generation couldĀ be doing more of these “entrepreneurial” tasks when we walk into a new role. The concepts identified by the author (asking questions, interacting with colleagues one on one) are simple, and perhaps easily overlooked by those of us who walk into more-complex entry level roles. Interviewers and supervisors of mine have been quick to point out that it takes showing initiative to stand out in your role, skills that we can only begin to practice in the limited amount of skills/intensive courses offered here at NDLS.


One thought on “Bringing an Entrepreneurial Spirit to a New Job

  1. I love how this article is extremely informative and wants the readers (students) to understand and learn more about how to excel in their new jobs. These skills are important because it is difficult to learn especially from an academic environment and when we as students move to the real world and actually start jobs. The more informative we are, the more prepared we will be in the real world and towards our success.