Building a Portfolio with TWAYTHE2L

Hey People!

It’s NDLS’s own Terrence Way! I hope your weekend was the bees knees, ankles, and any other favorable joints you might be interested in personifying.

A HUGE reason why I’m interested entrepreneurship is because my city, Detroit, Michigan, is wide open for me, as a 4th generation native, a product of the public school system and the rather large Notre Dame community, to move fairly well as a young entrepreneur with a JD.

There are many simple needs that need to be addressed in Detroit (e.g. a lack of food, clothing, resources, opportunity).  Individually, over the next few decades, I will be able to attract all of those things, and spread it and love across the city; however, the most accessible remedies seem to be attached to supplying quality food and clothing to the people.

On March 23rd, Notre Dame’s Black Law Students Association kicked off it’s annual Alumni Weekend, and there was a request for a commemorative tee shirt.¬†My friend, Shandice Sluch (NDLS ’19), and I jumped at the opportunity to design this super dope tee shirt, and add some quality content to our portfolios as amateur fashion designers. Over the next few days, I will highlight some of the key issues and most interesting parts of the week-long process.

Stay tuned.


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