Finery–The Automated Stylist

Finery, a start up created by Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker, is the first automated online wardrobe platform. The company is utilizing technology in order to change the fashion industry. With this new technology, the app pulls shopping history and purchase patterns to recommend items of clothing and create outfits from clothes that the user already owns. It’s basically operating as a virtual stylist without any human interaction. Finery also alerts users when returns/exchanges deadlines are and when price adjustments on “wishlist items” are made.

These two founders did exactly what entrepreneurs often do. They created a product for a market that consumers didn’t even know they wanted. It’s a simple concept, but a necessity for avid shoppers. It’s the ultimate app for the modern fashionista — and the first of its kind.

Whitney Casey, the former CNN anchor didn’t want just another “Clueless” closet, like the previous low-tech sites that required you to enter the data manually for each piece of clothing you own. Instead, Finery does all the work for you.

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