Another Post about the Homelessness Project Presentation

Like many others have said, I think the presentation about the homelessness project was wonderful. A couple things that stood out to me were the commitment to make an individual investment in people and realizing that not everyone can be helped. I believe it likely takes that type of commitment, and hopefully when there are success stories, those can help those that are still in bad situations. The individual sacrifice and commitment aspect reminded me of the specialness of Notre Dame – it truly represented selflessness, and commitment. Another good point was made – that these people are surviving. If they can get help, they easily might have several good qualities to bring to their new contributing societal role.

The link I provided below is to a national homelessness organization. One thing I was thinking about as the presentation was being given was whether it might be possible to communicate across borders and even transport participants, if there was work in other areas. It does seem like certain jobs are becoming more open than in years past – generally lower-level paying jobs. That could be a good start and being able to move where the work is might be beneficial.

Regardless, that was a really good presentation based in selflessness. Nice job.


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