How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Their Fears

It seems that many startup theories, most prominently the lean startup method, almost embrace failure. Thus, I got the impression that in these theories and entrepreneurial “handbooks,” fear of failure does not seem to have much room. This article, however, points out that fear is not only something every entrepreneur most likely will have, but also something that can be a strongly motivating force. Thus, the existence of should not necessarily be neglected or ignored. I found that this recognition might be useful for those of us who will in fact become entrepreneurs themselves, thereby most likely being confronted with the fear to fail. I especially liked that the article acknowledges the fact that, despite all efforts from various theories and motivation coaches, we all will likely be afraid when becoming entrepreneurs. In addition, I found the article’s specific techniques for dealing with fear very helpful:

– Try to limit the impact of emotions and stress on decisions by being self-aware of feelings and moods intruding into your consciousness.

– Take anxiety as a motivator to proactively seeking out flaws and weaknesses in your business idea and take this action-centered approach to avoid inhibition.

– Gain new knowledge to decrease fear and doubts by increasing your own capabilities.

– Seek support (for example from mentors).

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