Follow up on Hiring Ex-Cons

Here is a link to the company, Homeboy Industries that we mentioned in class. They run various integration programs for ex-cons, particularly through their bakery (Homeboy bakery) and recently through their solar certification training.

I have met and worked with some graduates of the Homeboy solar training and they were able to become licensed electricians either through or because of the program. A lot of them were convicted of gang and/or possession charges, and this program gave them a second chance while preserving their dignity.

3 thoughts on “Follow up on Hiring Ex-Cons

  1. I think it’s also cool that Homeboy Industries was founded by a Jesuit priest. Father Greg has a pretty cool life story and If anyone is interested in catholic social work you might want to give that section a read.

  2. This is a great program. The stigma that everyone that’s been in prison is bad is being challenged. Hopefully, businesses like this will encourage others to implement similar programs or be more willing to hire ex-convicts.

  3. I appreciated your presentation. Convicted felons have their lives unalterably changed upon conviction, and can be in a very difficult position to ever get a second chance. I came across an article describing a local city council meeting where speakers took a strong position against granting opportunities to felons. Ideas like yours should be debated and welcomed in more communities around the country.

    One quote in particular from the article: “As a homeowner and resident . . . I strongly urge you to consider the best interests of the community before making a decision disastrous for the property values of our community while creating a potentially dangerous environment for [our] residents. The residents of our town pride themselves on living in a safe and friendly community. By establishing a halfway house, you’d be welcoming known, convicted felons to reside in the same neighborhoods as our children and families.”

    Here is the link: