Moore’s Irish Melodies

Prompted by a bookseller’s email, I checked to see if we had a first edition of Moore’s Irish Melodies illustrated by Daniel Maclise.  Ours is later than the beautiful 1847 edition for sale, but very ornate and interesting.
CoverThough the catalog states 1853 for our copy, a glance at other copies on the Internet Archive makes me wonder if it might be an 1858 edition — after Moore’s death.

Thomas Moore (1779-1852) published his Melodies between 1808 and 1834.

Daniel Maclise (1806-70) is well-known as the painter of ‘The Marriage of Eva and Strongbow’ which hangs in the National Gallery of Ireland.
Moore has this to say in his preface to the illustrated edition:

I shall only add, that I deem it most fortunate for this new Edition that the rich, imaginative powers of Mr. Maclise have been employed in its adornment; and that, to complete its national character, an Irish pencil has lent its aid to an irish pen in rendering due honour and homage to our country’s ancient harp.

Maclise page

Young May Moon 1Young May Moon 2

(Note: I use the Dictionary of Irish Biography to check on all biographical details.  This is available to ND students through the Library’s website.)

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