Mar 23

Why Get a Professional Headshot?

Graduate Career Services and the Graduate School are once again offering FREE professional headshots on Tuesday, March 28th, 9am-1pm, at the north entrance of Jordan Hall of Science. No appointment required, and we encourage you to dress for success in professional attire. To kick off this opportunity, check out this guest blog post by GCS Career Consultant Lisa Michaels

Note: A version of this post first appeared on OMG Photography.


As a consultant in the Graduate Career Services office at the University of Notre Dame, I’m often asked about what an individual can do to stay competitive in today’s job market.  My answer is quite simple:  Give yourself an edge.

One way to do that is by creating a professional brand—and that includes your visual image.  A headshot says something about you—whether or not it was taken by a professional photographer.  Your brand is continually reinforced by what people see, hear and read.  In today’s world of social media, you can’t afford NOT to use every advantage available.  A professional photographer understands the nuances of lighting, posing and editing giving you an immediate competitive edge—and one that has a proven return on investment.  Here’s why:


  • People want to put a face with a name. Your headshot should encourage people to want to reach out to you.

Headshot male B

  • When an employer looks at your profile, he/she is not only looking at education and experience, but they are also looking at who you are and how you portray yourself. They want to make sure that you are serious about professional quality and digital communications  And if you don’t care about our own professional image, then why should a potential employer think that you will use any higher standards for their organizational image?

Headshot female A

  • Students need to be perceived as COLLEAGUES and specialists–and not as STUDENTS–as they enter the professional world; a professional headshot accomplishes the goal. How do you want to be seen? Do you want employers to see you as a real professional with high standards, or are you satisfied with showing them your ‘selfie mug-shot’?!

Headshot male C

  • A good headshot will promote greater trust, interest and authenticity in your brand. When you consider that a LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot is 7x more likely to be viewed than those without, you begin to understand the importance of that first impression.

Headshot female D

  • A professional photo is one of the most powerful aspects of your personal brand. It’s a visual representation of your readiness to add immediate value to an organization.  While some undergraduate students may be able to “get by” with a cell phone selfie, it is social media suicide for a serious professional.

Headshot male A

  • A professional photographer has a trained artistic eye for posing their subjects in order to achieve the best image—you don’t. Knowing what lighting looks best for a certain skin tone or face shape makes all the difference in the final product.

Headshot female C

  • Our general advice, when it comes to LinkedIn and other social media platforms, is to get a headshot taken by a professional photographer. It conveys a level of confidence and sends the message that you’ve INVESTED in yourself because you know you’re worth it.

Headshot male D

  • Employers want know the face behind the name. They want to hire people they trust; you need to make sure that you look like someone they want to interview, work and represent them in the world at large.

Headshot female B

Bottom line?  Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional headshot.  You want a picture to match your brand, keep your image consistent, engaging, but more importantly professional.  Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that your headshot enhances rather than devalues your brand.


Want to know more about how a headshot can enhance your professional reputation? Check out this article.

Leave us a comment about how you plan to use your headshot. We hope to see you on the 28th!