Your first year at Notre Dame will be filled with exciting new adventures and many changes. We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Here are some commonly asked questions by First Years, but if there is anything else you want to know, please reach out to any member of the Welcome Weekend team!

In what time zone is Notre Dame?

Notre Dame is in Eastern time zone and Indiana participates in daylight savings.

What is the weather like?

Notre Dame weather is very unpredictable. Just check out this site if you don’t believe us! Early fall and late spring are usually very hot and humid (bring fans because Lyons does not have AC), while the winter is very long and cold. Be sure to prepare for anything and definitely bring sweaters, rain boots, umbrellas, hats, mittens, winter boots, and a long parka!

Can I move into Lyons early?

In most cases, no. Permissions for early move-in are handled by the Office of Housing and are only given to those meeting specific criteria (athletic obligations, band auditions, entrance testing, etc.) Early move-in is only allowed for those who have been approved by the Office of Housing.

If I have been approved for early move-in, what should I expect?

Each year, some Lyons First Years move in early, so you will not be alone. In addition to other first year students, Lyons Hall Staff, the Welcome Weekend Committee, and a few other Lyons residents will already be on campus when you arrive. Official orientation activities will not begin until after regular move-in, but everyone will be eager to help you move in and welcome you to your new home!

How do I get off campus?

Most of the stores or buildings on campus provide anything students may need. However, sometimes you need a little break from campus or may want to go explore the South Bend area. Uber, as well as traditional Taxi services, are available for students to help get around off campus. Similarly, the local bus system offers two free TRANSPO routes for Notre Dame students- one runs between ND, St. Mary’s and Holy Cross while the other runs to the local mall. From the mall, another bus can take you around to other local stores for free with a student ID. Finally, some students on campus have their own vehicle and are willing to take you off campus to run errands or grab food.

Which meal plan should I choose?

There are three different meal plans to choose from: the Gold Plan, the Blue Plan, and the Green Plan. The Gold Plan is the default, and is pretty flexible. It includes 14 dining hall meals per week and $410 flex points. The Gold Plan gives you a good balance of dining hall meals and flex points to use at other locales around campus. The Blue Plan includes 21 dining hall meals per week, but no spending credit.  The Blue Plan offers the budget-conscious student an exceptional value, but limits options strictly to one of the two dining halls (North and South). Lastly, the Green Plan requires a $250 upgrade to Room & Board each semester, but includes 14 dining hall meals per week, $315 in Flex Points, and $315 Domer Dollars. The Green Plan combines dining hall meals, Flex Points, and Domer Dollars, but requires the upgrade to Room & Board package.

FYI, to request the Blue Plan (instead of remaining on the defaulted Gold Plan), you must submit an email from your Notre Dame email account within the first two weeks of each semester to idcard@nd.edu with “Change to Blue Plan” in the subject line, with your complete name and ndID ‘90’ number in the text, and be sure NOT to spend any Flex Points.

To request the Green Plan (instead of remaining on the defaulted Gold Plan), you must submit an email from your Notre Dame email account within the first two weeks of each semester to idcard@nd.edu with “Change to Green Plan” in the subject line, along with your name and ndID ‘90’ number in the text. The cost to upgrade to the Green Plan is $250.00 per semester, which will be charged to your student account.

How do I do laundry on campus?

Lyons has a laundry room in the basement, equipped with 6 washers and 8 dryers, along with an ironing board and iron. You can use Domer Dollars or quarters to pay for the laundry machines. You are required to bring your own detergent, etc.

Should I bring a printer?

Undergraduate students receive 20 PrintND Dollars for the Academic year, and it costs $0.02 per black and white page (single or double sided) and $0.12 for each color page (single or double sided). There are printers all around campus, so printing is never really an issue. All you need is your ID card or netID and password and you’re good to go! There is even a printer in every dorm-the Lyons’ printer is located in the second floor lounge!

Domer Dollars versus Flex Points?
Flex Points are part of the on-campus dining plan and are only accept in on-campus retail food service establishments (excluding Legends and Sorin’s). Unused Flex Points rollover from the Fall to Spring Semesters, but expire at the end of the Academic year.

Domer Dollars are accepted at all on-campus retail food establishments, in campus laundry and vending machines, as well as some off-campus locations. Domer Dollars do NOT expire, as you have to add them as you go, but will remain on your campus ID card until you separate from the University.

Where can I access a kitchen?

Luckily, Lyons has a full kitchen on every floor! Each kitchen is fully equipped with some pots, pans, utensils, measuring cups, and cookie sheets.  The kitchens have a stove, oven, and microwave, as well as a refrigerator/freezer available for residents to store things that are properly labeled. Residents who use the kitchen are expected to clean up after themselves and wash all used dishes. Remember, even though we have two lovely housekeepers that help keep our home tidy, it is not their responsibility to clean up our messes!

What are the bathrooms like?
There are two communal bathrooms on each floor, except the basement, which has one. In addition, there is a men’s bathroom located on the first floor.

Will I have WiFi on campus?

​Wifi is available throughout campus and during Welcome Weekend, First Years will be taught how to properly connect to the internet and printing service.