David Klecyngier

Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre DameDavid Klecyngier

David Klecyngier is a local Chicagoan, who before attending college went to Sacred Heart and St. Ignatius College Prep. Upon graduation from St. Ignatius, David continued his studies at Hiram College, where he obtained a BA in Chemistry with a minor in Physics. While attending college David held jobs as a physics and organic chemistry teaching assistant and tutor.

David has researched, with Dr. James Kercher, how isotopic labeling affects reaction rates and pathways, the deconvolution of the dissociation of anisole, and probed the thermodynamic quantities of acetaldehyde. Working with Dr. Jodi Modarelli, David worked on research exploring how polyphenols affected pancreatic cancer, specifically through the hif-1? pathway. Finally, David has presented a number of posters: “Mono-substitution of Iron Pentacarbonyl with a Trimethyl Phosphite Ligand,” Friedel-Crafts Alkylation and Grignard Reaction of 2-Bromobutane,” and “Controlling Ionic Dissociation Reactions with Isotopic Labeling:  Methane Loss in Acetone.” David’s work with acetone has been presented at a regional meeting of the American Physical Society.

Currently, David is attending the University of Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Patent Law program. During this program he is attending practical patent law classes like: Patent Law and Prosecution, Patent Searching, and Patent Application Drafting. In addition, David is also taking two science electives, Advanced Analytical Chemistry and Optical Spectroscopy. His final project will consist of drafting a patent application on Dr. Luo Tengfei’s research on thermal switches, before finally defending it. Dr. Tengfei’s end goal is to eventually create thermal circuits, which would revolutionize both the computing and energy world.

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