ND.edu Popular Sites Safari Extension

When we redesigned the University’s website in 2007, we replaced many links in the primary content of the homepage with “Popular Sites”, a customizable list of links. Popular Sites has been quite successful (judged by the high number of clicks) and is used as a convenient homepage by many campus users.

Now, in order to better serve the University community, we’re releasing a series of browser extensions that will provide similar functionality but also be available to users no matter what site they’re currently on. These extensions will provide quick links to only those pages users want, from any point on the internet.

We’re working on extensions for several popular browsers, and the first out the door is for Safari The others will be released in the next few weeks and months.

Download the Safari Extension for ND.edu Quick Access

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Go to the AgencyND labs page and click on Safari Extension. This will automatically download and enable the ND.edu Quick Access extension. Alternatively you can access the extension directly from the project repository.
  3. You’ll see the toolbar above the site window.

Once you’ve downloaded the extension, you can change the default links in the toolbar, if you’d like. Here’s how:

Customize the Safari Extension for ND.edu Quick Access

  1. Open the Safari Preferences window (Click Safari and then Preferences in the top left of your computer screen.
  2. Choose ND.edu Quick Access.
  3. Check the links you want included and un-check those you don’t.
  4. Close the preferences window.

Note: If you use Safari on Windows, you must have Quicktime installed if you want the Victory March feature to work. Download Quicktime.

Watch this blog for future releases. The Chrome extension will be announced shortly.

Weather Now Available on m.ND.edu

Weather IconIf you’ve lived in South Bend for more than a week, then you know how unpredictable the weather here can be. Well now if you’re on the go and need some quick stats on the current weather, we have you covered at m.nd.edu/weather. There you’ll find the current temperature and other conditions for South Bend, as well as links to mobile versions of Weather.com and Accuweather.com for extended forecasts and maps.

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or feedback, please let us know.