Food Services Now Available on

Food Services IconOne of the most requested features to come through our feedback form has been the ability to view dining hall menus. So over the past month we worked with one of the developers from Food Services to do just that. The new Food section provides the ability to view the current and next day menus for both North and South dining halls. For your convenience, we’re also including a link to a site where you can check your NDFS account balance.

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or feedback, please let us know. Popular Sites Upgrade

One of the most popular features of is the drop-down Popular Sites tool, allowing quick access to the top Notre Dame web destinations from the top of the page. Though InsideND is the official portal for internal University constituents, is still the main launching pad for many students, staff, and faculty.

The new Popular Sites tool allows users to customize their own Popular Sites bar with the sites they most frequently visit. The set of choices has expanded from eight to over 20 options. The new feature also allows users to keep the drop-down open. This functionality requires cookies to save the user settings, and will be reset if cookies are cleared or a user changes browsers or computers. Popular Sites