Biofilm Course 2023

We hosted our second Biofilm Course this past July 16-20!

Many participants attended, both from the US and even from abroad!

We went over biofilm microprofilling, from building microsensors to making some oxygen profiles. Also learnt about Biofilm modeling with AQUASIM and COMSOL and went over different types of biofilm reactors and how/when to use each of them. Biofilm imaging was also part of the course, including Confocal and EPI microscopes, and Optical Coherence Tomography.

We had wonderful lecturers: Christian Picioreanu, Erika Espinoa-Ortiz, Caitlin Proctor, Sara Cole, Ignacio Vargas, Marcerlo Aybar, Bumkyu Kim, and Rob Nerenberg.

Thank you all for coming!