Update: Down-scaled Meteorological Drivers

Jaclyn Hatala Matthes and Mike Dietze from Boston University have finished down-scaling the meteorological drivers for the PalEON model-intercomparison project over the PalEON spatial domain for the time period 850-2010AD. These meteorological drivers are being distributed to modeling groups for three initial test sites – Harvard Forest, Howland Forest, and UNDERC. Preliminary comparisons will take place at the upcoming PalEON Annual Meeting in December.

For the PalEON model inter-comparison, we down-scaled meteorological drivers from the Community Climate System Model (CCSM4) from monthly averages at ~1.25 degree spatial resolution to 6-hourly averages at 0.5 degree spatial resolution using an artificial neural network technique (Kumar et al 2012) with the CRUNCEP dataset.