Courses Taught

AME-34391 – Surface modification Strategies for Nanomaterials

  • Surface modification of Nanomaterials is a critical need across the disciplines.  As a ‘sampler course’, this offering will provide students with a foundational experience of surface modification strategies and applications to real-world issues.
  • The course can be viewed as a means for students to create a new knowledge set in nanomaterials’ surface modification, characterization, empirical rules, and applications.
  • As a means to build interest, the course will be grounded in presenting applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, and advanced manufacturing.
  • The course focus intends to connect with students interested in working on interdisciplinary teams that challenge the status quo in the fields of advanced diagnostics, precision therapeutics, and feedstock development for 3D-printing

Guest lecture on Surface Modification of Nanoparticles for Prof. Ryan Roeder’s AME 60679 – Nanoparticles in Biomedicine

Guest Lecture on Bionanomaterials for Prof. Pinar Zorlutuna’s AME 50548- Biofabrication