Webinar: Pairing Digital Portfolios & Badges to Recognize Informal Learning

Ambrose (2015) “Pairing Digital Portfolios & Badges to Recognize Informal Learning” The Badge Alliance’s Open Badges in Higher Ed, Webinar

G. Alex Ambrose will discuss why digital badges need ePortfolios and why ePortfolios need digital badges. “ePortfolios with Evidenced-Based Badges” (E2B2) at Notre Dame, which won a 2015 Campus Technology Innovator Award, is this first true integration of ePortfolios (Digication) and digital badges (Credly) offers evidence of competencies gained from co-curricular learning experiences on a collegiate campus. To date, 9 different badges have been created and issued to over 100 students. Using a few use cases, Alex with share his research on digital badge design, perceptions, and impact.

Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8AIPHhRUVuYQkM0QWtFYzYtZU0/view
Audio Recording (8/4/2015): https://archive.org/details/BAHigherEdCall4August2015
Backchannel Notes: http://etherpad.badgealliance.org/HigherEducationWG2015-August4


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