Hello friends, my name is Taylor Rongaus and I am a senior at the University of Notre Dame. Here are some fast facts for my Notre Dame Introduction:

– Computer Science major
– Engineering Corporate Practice minor
– Originally from Pittsburgh, PA
– Former chicken of Lewis Hall


Sweet. While I’m on campus, I like to do other things than just Computer Science and taking random pictures of my surroundings like you saw on the home page. Here are some more fast facts about my hobbies and interests:

– I hold a job as a Student Assistant for the Introduction to Engineering Course, which requires me to attend weekly classes, hold weekly office hours, and generally be familiar with the topics covered in the class (i.e., design thinking, basic engineering and physics concepts, CAD modelling, 3D printing, etc.).

– I do a radio show with three of my friends on campus through WVFI, date and time for this semester TBD at the moment but I promise it’s quite funny and you should give it a listen. Check out wvfi.nd.edu for more details.

– I might(?) write satire for a new campus publication — tbd on that too but it sounds fun and exciting.

– I’m very involved with the Freshman Orientation process on campus, and just last week was driving around a golf cart with other members of the Orientation Steering Committee to facilitate all of the events around campus that we helped to plan.

– I’m also involved with Lewis Hall Council for the third year in a row. In the past I’ve planned the large signature events for the hall and its 300 residents and I’ve run the social media accounts and website, but this year I’m serving as the Off-Campus Liaison between all former residents of Lewis Hall and those currently still residing in the hall. It’s a new position and I’m excited to get started with it!


Nice. If you’ve made it this far, I’m going to tell you about how I spent my summers, my professional side, work history, etc. and then you can be on your merry way trolling through the rest of the internet, far far away from this website:

– Over the summer of 2015, I spent six weeks studying abroad in London. While the classes weren’t the greatest, I learned a ton about living on my own in a foreign place, in addition to the culture of London and the various other countries (France, Italy, and Spain) that I was able to visit during the time.

 During the summer of 2016, I served as a Technical Intern at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was one of many interns at the lab, but I was the only one staffed on my particular project, which was to develop a new work request system to support the multimedia needs of the laboratory. This was what I like to call my first “consulting-like” role, since I had to individually go through a requirements gathering process before actually creating the system myself using various existing technologies within the Microsoft applications suite. At the end of the day, I didn’t love the slow pace of work at the lab, but I realized that there might be something to consulting that I really enjoyed.

 This past summer of 2017, I decided to go with my gut and pursue an internship in consulting, and I wound up as a Technology Advisory Intern with EY working out of their Times Square office in New York, New York. As you probably know, EY is a HUGE company, and I was one of over 3,500 interns globally working for the firm, and one of around 1,000 working within the Advisory practice. I spent my summer on a travelling project for a client based in Orlando, FL, where I worked on a variety of small projects and applications. I gained insights doing research on industry leading technology, skills in working within the agile methodology, and a hands-on understanding of creating current state analyses, functional flows, experience maps, and UX/ UI design. It was an incredibly fast paced summer, and I loved both the job and the people at the firm.


Awesome. Hopefully you now have a bit of an understanding of me as a person and not just as a resume. If you want to get in touch, check out the social bar at the bottom of this page to find the medium that suits you best. Cheers!