News and Congratulations

I thought I’d share some personal good news with readers, and also give a shout of congratulations to one of our contributors- Lucas Sharma.

First, I wanted to brag about my new niece– Corinne Christine Roche (pictured with her mom)- who was born last Monday.  She weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz, and both mom and baby are home now and doing well.  According to Andrew and Yoli (the new parents), she is sleeping very well (which has left Jen and I very jealous).

Second, I wanted to congratulate Lucas Sharma on being accepted by the Oregon Province Jesuits.  Lucas told me that he will begin the novitiate in LA in August.    They are blessed to have him.  In fact, in his e-mail, he indicated that he was currently down in LA for ordinations– maybe he will post some pictures for us on the CC.

Lucas, we will keep you in our prayers and  hope that you will do the same for us.  Anytime you want to check back in at the Catholic Conversation with a post, you are welcome to do so.  Keep us updated!  Thank you for answering God’s call to grow deeper in your own vocation.  We need priests and religious who can witness to the transforming power of Christ.

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