New Year’s Review: Who won “The Convo”?

Happy 2013!

Sorry, the blog has been silent for a bit, but with the new semester gearing up, we will begin posting again.  For an initial blog, I thought that we would give a brief review of The Catholic Conversation in 2012.  A big thank you to all of our contributors this past year:  Gary Adler, Carol Ann MacGregor, Mike McCallion, Lucas Sharma, Mike Cieslak, David DeLambo, Sarah Moran, and Linda Kawentel.  And thank you to all of our readers this past year as well!

By the Numbers:

In 2012, we had 84 posts, 7,018 visitors, and 17,872 page views.  The average time viewers spent on a page was 2 minutes 21 seconds.

The single most-viewed post was Linda Kawental’s “Habits in the News:  The Power of Image”  This post received 1,202 pageviews and the average viewer spent 3 minutes and 39 seconds viewing it.  So, Linda wins “The Convo” for 2012–the newly named (and newly created) yet prestigious award for they most popular post on The Catholic Conversation.  Congratulations Linda!

Who will win “The Convo” this year?  We shall find out over the next three hundred and some days.  By the way, let us know how we have done and what you would like to see more of in 2013.

photo by Michael Holden via Flickr

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