Please Read – Email Signature Composing Format Change

Dear Colleagues,

This message is to inform you that at 5 p.m. today, July 30, you will notice the signature block in your Notre Dame Gmail will have a different format when you compose a message. This is a result of our switch to a new department-wide email signature service provider.


1. Do not be alarmed when you see the original design format and image
banner of your email signature block disappear and look like this:

name: Lin Wang
title: Program Director
office: 574-631-4961
mobile: 574-339-1272
department: Department of Development
group: Storytelling and Engagement
address: 1251 N. Eddy Street, Suite 300
city: South Bend
state: IN
zip: 46617

The actual signature design shows when the recipient opens your message, but does not show when you compose your message. You can test it by sending a message to your non-ND email. You might want to refresh and clear browser cache if you don’t see the above change happen automatically.

2. Please check the accuracy of your information – name, title, group (team), phone number(s), and address. Please note that you are able to make correction in the Gmail signature setting area on your own if anything is incorrect.

3. We are only able to push the signature to your NetID email address. To apply the signature to your preferred alias email address(es), please copy and paste the whole signature block (like above, with [[+]]) from the NetID email to your alias email in the Gmail signature setting area. You can copy and paste the block on your mobile device email servers as well, if you use mobile devices for work emails.

Thank you for your attention. Please reach out to Lin Wang (1-4961) if you have any questions.

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