ECON 30331: Econometrics


Problem set 1.  Due at the start of class, Wednesday, January 24th

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Problem set 2, Due at the start of class, Wednesday, January 31st

            Data sets:        meps_senior.dta


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Problem set 3, Due at the start of class, Wednesday, February 7th


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Problem set 4, Due at the start of class, Wednesday, February 14th




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Problem set 5, Due at the start of class, Wednesday, February 28th

            Data sets:        meps_2005.dta



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Problem set 6, Due at the start of class, Wednesday, March 28th

Problem set 7, Due by 5pm, Friday, April 20





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Problem set 8, Due by Noon, Friday May 4th




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Writing Assignment, Due in hard copy at my office by noon, Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Paper topic                                                     

Alcohol and the labor market             Data set                       Variable definitions

Obesity and Medicare spending         Data set                       Variable definitions

Stock market anomalies                      Data set                       Variable definitions

Determinants of 5th grade test scores  Data set                       Variable definitions

ACA                                                   Data set                       Variable definitions

Minimum wage                                   Data set                       Variable definitions

College premium over time                 Data set–males           Variable definitions

                                                            Data set–females