STATA Programs and Data Files

STATA Resources

ECON: 30331: Econometrics


Below is an introduction to STATA that accompanies this class. The tutorial is designed to be interactive where you type along with the worksheet. Please download and print the tutorial, find a computer with STATA, then start


Introduction to STATA tutorial (in pdf format)


Programs and data sets to accompany the tutorial


Excel data set with raw data: cps87.xls
STATA data set: cps87.dta
STATA program that generates all the results in the tutorial:

Results from cps87.log
Read in the Excel version of the data, cps87.xls:


Data sets and programs used in class


Chapter Stata data set Stata program Output
Chapter 2 state_cig_data.dta state_cig_data.log
attendance.dta attendance.log
cps87.dta educ_earn.log
Chapter 3 ca_school_data_2.dta class_size_1.log
gpa_example_1.dta gpa_example_1.log
Chapter 4 ca_school_data_2.dta class_size_4.log
  ed_attain.dta ed_attain.log
  cig_industry.dta cig_industry.log
  state_cig_data.dta state_cig_data1.log
Chapter 8 bmi1.dta bmi1.log
state_cig_data.dta state_cig_data_2.log
Time series tbill3.dta tbill3.log
productivity.dta productivity.log
taylor_rule.dta taylor_rule.log
daily_mortality.dta daily_mortality.log
  phillips_curve.dta phillips_curve.log

Efficient markets djia_daily_data.dta djia_random_walk.log
Chapter 13


kentucky.dta kentucky.log
2SLS models pums80.dta pums80.log



card_et_al.dta card_et_al.log