Handouts for Class


ECON 60303

Spring 2014

Handouts for Wednesday, January 15 [download]

Some graphs for the start of fixed effect models, January 20 [download]

Almond et al., Geronimous and Korenman, January 20 [download]

Fixed and random effects example, PSID, January 23 [Download]

2-way fixed effects models and difference in difference, January 27 [Download]

Measurement error example, January 28 [Download]

Within-group correlation in errors, January 28 [Download]

Cameron et al. wild bootstrap t-procedure, February 3 [Download]

IV example, February 17,18 [Download]

LATE/AngristImbens, Rubin, February 18 [Download]

RD Examples, February 24/25[Download]

How to estimate RD models, February 24/25 [Download]

Getting OLS estimates in Matlab, March 4[Download]

Basic outline of Quasi-Newton hill climbing routine, March 4 [Download]

Comparing numeric and analytic derivatives, Poisson model, March 4 [Download]

Logit/probit models, March 17 [Download]

Poisson, Negative binomial and conditional count data models March 18 [Download]


Multi-choice models [Download]

Tobit models [Download]

Sample selection [Download]

Mismeasured treatment effect models and Lalonde [Download]

Two-part models and RAND HIE [Download]

Duration models [Download]

Matching estimators [Download]