All conference publications are sorted by year with the inclusion of supporting materials as noted.  All conference publications are peer-reviewed.  Non-peer reviewed conference publications or invited papers are included in separate lists.

09-03-18: Yes, this is way, way, way behind.  My CV is usually much more up to date.


Year+Num Paper Title Metadata
2019-2 K. Saha, A. E. Bayraktaroglu, A. T. Campbell, N. V. Chawla, M. De Choudhury, S. K. D’Mello, A. K. Dey, G. Gao, J. M. Gregg, K. Jagannath, G. Mark, G. J. Martinez, +S. M. Mattingly, E. Moskal, A. Sirigiri, A. Striegel, D. W. Yoo, “Social Media as a Passive Sensor in Longitudinal Studies of Human Behavior and Wellbeing,” to appear in Proc. of CHI (Case Studies), Glasgow, Scotland, May 2019.
2019-1 S. M. Mattingly, J. M. Gregg, P. Audia, A. E. Bayraktaroglu, A. T. Campbell, N. V. Chawla, V. D. Swain, M. De Choudhury, S. K. D’Mello, A. K. Dey, G. Gao, K. Jagannath, K. Jiang, S. Lin, Q. Liu, G. Mark, G. J. Martinez, K. Masaba, S. Mirjafari, E. Moskal, R. Mulukutla, K. Nies, M. D. Reddy, P. Robles-Granda, K. Saha, A. Sirigiri, A. Striegel, “The Tesserae Project: Large-Scale, Longitudinal, In Situ, Multimodal Sensing of Information Workers,” to appear in Proc. of CHI (Case Studies), Glasgow, Scotland, May 2019.


Year+Num Paper Title Metadata
2018-3 M. Zia Hydari, I. Adjerid, A. Striegel, “Effect of Gamification on Healthful Activity: The Case of Fitbit Leaderboards,” in Proc. of HICSS-52, Honolulu, Hawaii, Dec. 2018.
2018-2 L. Faust, P. Jimenez, D. Hachen, O. Lizardo, A. Striegel and N. Chawla, “Long-term Compliance Habits: What Early Data Tells Us,” in Proc. of Workshop on Long-Term Tracking (workshop at CHI), 2018.
2018-1 L. Song, A. Striegel, “SEWS: A Channel-Aware Stall-Free WiFi Video Streaming Mechanism,” to appear in Proc. of NOSSDAV 2018


Year+Num Paper Title Metadata
2017-6 R. Purta, A. Striegel, “Estimating Dining Hall Usage Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons,” to appear in Proc. of UbiMI workshop at Ubicomp 2017
2017-5 S. Vhaduri, C. Poellabauer, A. Striegel, O. Lizardo, and D. Hachen, “Discovering Places of Interest Using Sensor Data from Smartphones and Wearables,” to appear in Proc. of IEEE UIC (Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing), August 2017.
2017-4 L. Song, A. Striegel, “Leveraging Frame Aggregation for Estimating WiFi Available Bandwidth,” in Proc. of IEEE SECON, San Diego, CA, June 2017.
2017-3 X. Hu, A. Striegel, “Redundancy Elimination Might Be Overrated: A Quantitative Study on Wireless Traffic,” in Proc. of INFOCOM IECCO Workshop (IECCO: Integrating Edge Computing, Caching, and Offloading in Next Generation Networks), Atlanta, GA, May 2017.
2017-2 L. Song, A. Striegel, “Leveraging Frame Aggregation to Improve Access Point Selection,” in Proc. of INFOCOM International Workshop on Mobility Management in the Networks of the Future World (MobiWorld), Atlanta, GA, May 2017.
2017-1 L. Faust, R. Purta, D. Hachen, A. Striegel, C. Poellabauer, O. Lizardo, N. Chawla, “Exploring Compliance: Observations from a Large Scale Fitbit Study,” to appear in Proc. of SocialSens 2017 (workshop during IEEE CPS week), 2017.


2016-4 R. Purta, L. Song, S. Mattingly, D. Hachen, O. Lizardo, J. Payne, C. Poellabauer, A. Striegel, “Experiences Measuring Sleep and Physical Activity Patterns Across a Large College Cohort With Fitbits,” in Proc. of ISWC (International Symposium on Wearable Computing), Heidelberg, Germany, September 2016. ACM Digital Library
2016-3 L. Meng, J. Crawford, A. Striegel, T. Milenkovic, “IGLOO: Integrating global and local biological network alignment,” in Proc. of 12th International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (workshop at KDD), San Francisco, CA, August 2016.
2016-2 Q. Liao, Z. Li, A. Striegel, “On the Economics of Mobile Content Pre-Staging,” in Proc. of 5th Workshop on Smart Data Pricing (workshop at IEEE INFOCOM), San Francisco, April 2016.
2016-1 J. Shi, L. Meng, D. Koutsonikolas, C. Qiao, A. Striegel, G. Challen, “A Walk on the Client Side: Monitoring Enterprise Wifi Networks Using Smartphone Channel Scans,” in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, San Francisco, CA, April 2016 (Acceptance Rate 18.25%).


2015-3 R. Purta, D. Hachen, J. Liew, A. Striegel, “Toward a System for Longitudinal Emotion Sensing,” in Proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Social Sensing (SocialSens), workshop at IEEE MASS, Oct. 2015.
2015-2 X. Hu, L. Song, D. Van Bruggen, A. Striegel, “Is There WiFi Yet? How Aggressive Probe Requests Deteriorate Energy and Throughput,” in Proc. of ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 2015. ACM Digital Library,
2015-1 T. Neal, D. Woodard, A. Striegel, “Mobile Device Application, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Usage Data as Behavioral Biometric Traits” in IEEE BTAS (Biometrics Theory, Applications and Systems), Arlington, VA, Sept. 2015. IEEE Xplore


2014-5 B. Bockstege, A. Striegel, “A Management System for Motion-Based Gaming Peripherals for Physical Therapy Instrumentation,” in Proc. of IEEE Healthcom, Natal, Brazil, Oct. 2014.
2014-4 X. Hu, L. Meng, A. Striegel, “Evaluating the Raw Potential for Device-to-Device Caching via Co-Location,” in Proc. of MobiSPC, August 2014, Niagara Falls, Canada.
2014-3 Q. Liao, Z. Li, A. Striegel, “Is More P2P Always Bad for ISPs? — An Analysis of P2P and ISP Business Models,” in Proc. of HotData, Shanghai, China, July 2014.
2014-2 L. Meng, S. Liu, A. Striegel, “Analyzing the Impact of Proximity, Location and Personality on Smartphone Usage,” Proc. of Workshop on Dynamic Social Networks (DySON), April 2014.
2014-1 L. Meng, T. Milenkovic, A. Striegel, “Systematic Dynamic and Heterogeneous Analysis of Rich Social Network Data,” in Proc. of CompleNet (5th Workshop on Complex Networks), March 2014.


2013-5 X. Hu, A. Striegel, “Preserving Location Privacy on the Release of Large-scale Mobility Data,” in Proc. of IEEE Globecom, Atlanta, GA, Dec. 2013.
2013 S. Liu, A. Striegel, “Exploring the Potential in Practice for Opportunistic Networks Amongst Smart Mobile Devices,” in Proc. of ACM MOBICOM, pp. 315-326, Miami, FL, Oct 2013.
2013-4 D. Van Bruggen, S. Liu, M. Kazjer, A. Striegel, C. Crowell, J. D’Arcy, “Modifying User Smartphone Locking Behavior,” in Proc. of SOUPS (Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security), Newcastle, UK, July 2013.
2013-3 A. Striegel, S. Liu, L. Meng, C. Poellabauer, D. Hachen, O. Lizardo, “Lessons Learned from the NetSense Smartphone Study,” in Proc. of ACM HotPlanet (workshop at ACM SIGCOMM), Hong Kong, Aug 2013. Best Paper Award
2013-2 A. Blaich, S. Liu, A. Striegel, “Re-thinking 802.11 Rate Selection In The Face of Non-Altruistic Behavior,” in Proc. of WiMAN (Workshop at ICCCN), July 2013.
2013-1 Y. Jiang, S. Liu, A. Striegel, “Save For Later: A Technique for Improving End-to-End Mesh Network Performance,” in Proc. of WiMAN (Workshop at ICCCN), July 2013.