N-Distance – iOS Guide

Visual Guide here

After you download the app, you will see the app appear without an icon. When you run the app, you will see the following error.

“Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

To trust our application, please do the following

  1. To run the app, go to Settings (the one with the gears), General, and scroll down to Profiles & Device Management.
  2. Find University of Notre Dame du Lac (the app is signed by the official Notre Dame certificate)
  3. Tap on that line and trust the developer (ND)
  4. Go back and run the application
  5. Provide the appropriate permissions.
  6. We use Location Services in tandem with the Bluetooth beacon. We would prefer Always Allow as that gives us the best information and most useful data.
  7. We use Notifications to communicate with you for the pilot and to request you to complete various surveys.

Once you have gotten the app running, you need to do the following inside the app:

  1. Consent to Data Collection – Tap that line and consent to the study. We do not save any of your gathered data until you consent. This is the only time we ever prompt you for your name and e-mail to allow us to pay you for your participation ($10 digital gift certificate).
  2. Answer surveys with regards to social distancing. These surveys should be relatively quick (less than one minute).
  3. Receive your payment in early June.