Paper: Exploring Compliance: Observations from a Large Scale Fitbit Study

(February 24th, 2017) Our paper entitled “Exploring Compliance: Observations from a Large Scale Fitbit Study” to SocialSens 2017 received a notification that it is accepted. The paper is a joint work across much of the collaborating faculty with the NetHealth study. Louis Faust served as the lead author and looked at the relationship of various aspects of compliance and the underlying factors with regards to compliance via various machine learning approaches.  Nice work and congrats to Louis on a job well done!

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(February 14th, 2017) In conjunction with our partners from InterDigital (via the ND Wireless Institute I/UCRC site) and the city of South Bend, we will be exploring cellular and WiFi properties for drones in the local South Bend area.  The work will also represent a test case for an upcoming submission by the Wireless Institute to the NSF PAWR solicitation.

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WSBT Interview on Smartphone Addiction

(February 6th, 2017) I did a bit of brief commentary on smartphone addiction and usage for a WSBT interview drawing from our work on the NetSense and NetHealth projects as well as the fantastic work of my colleagues at UC-Irvine (Gloria Mark) and others. The news report entitled “Special Report: Your attachment to your smartphone could be hurting your family” was done by Katlin Connin of WSBT with the interview first appearing on Monday, February 6th in the 6 PM news show.

Large Grant – Selected for Negotation

[January 25th, 2017] We have received notice that one of our proposals (Tesserae) has been selected for negotiation for funding (subject to contract finalization).  The effort brings together a distinguished set of faculty across five institutions including Notre Dame, University of California-Irvine, Georgia Tech, Dartmouth, and Carnegie Mellon.

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