About Prof. Striegel

Prof. Aaron Striegel is currently a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.  He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Wireless Institute at the University of Notre Dame and serves as the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science Program Director.  Prof. Striegel received his Ph.D in 2002 in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University under the direction of Dr. G. Manimaran.  Prof. Striegel’s research interests focus on instrumenting the wireless networked ecosystem to gain insight with respect to user behavior and optimizing network performance.  Flagship projects of Prof. Striegel include the NetSense, NetHealth, and Tesserae involving the instrumentation and analysis of data from hundreds of smartphones and wearables over a nearly seven year period of continuous data streaming. Further research interests of Prof. Striegel include heterogeneous network optimization (cellular, WiFi), content distribution via edge device pre-staging, and network security dynamics.  Prof. Striegel has also successfully led undergraduate research utilizing low-cost gaming peripherals for education and rehabilitation.

Prof. Striegel has published over one hundred peer-reviewed papers in the literature with multiple best paper awards including USENIX LISA, IEEE Healthcom, and HotPlanet.  Throughout his career, Prof. Striegel has been able to fund his work with research and equipment funding from NSF, NIH, DARPA, IARPA, Keck Futures Institute, and numerous industrial entities (Google, Sprint, Nokia, Intel, HP, Sun).  He was recipient of a NSF CAREER award in 2004 and has participated in several symposia as an invited participant with notable instances including the National Academy of Engineering symposium on the Frontiers of Engineering Education and the symposium on the Informed Brain in the Digital World.  Prof. Striegel has also served in various roles in the community including recently serving as the general chair of ICCCN 2016, TPC chair of ICCN 2015, chair of HotPlanet 2016, and the publication co-chair of INFOCOM 2016.  He is also a member of the inaugural Editorial Board for IEEE Networking Letters and a current Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

Recent News

Office Hours – Spring 2021

[February 1st, 2021] Office hours for the spring semester have been updated and can be found down below the fold. Scheduled Office Hours Tuesday: 2-3 PMWednesday: 2-4 PMFriday: 12-1 PM Help sessions for CSE 30341 and BACS application preparation are available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM. If you would like to join […]

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BACS – Class of 2024

[January 20th, 2021] The ND BACS program is now accepting applications for the Class of 2024. Students must be a current ND freshmen. Full details can be found at the ND BACS website at https://bacs.nd.edu/ The application form can be found at https://forms.gle/X4iU1q52KJ26V4Fq8

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Paper Accepted – Passive WiFi

[December 3, 2020] Our journalized version of the paper on leveraging passive WiFi characteristics for determining the available bandwidth was recently accepted to appear in the IEEE Internet of Things journal. Very cool paper that leverages the spacing of plaintext block acknowledgements (ACKs) for the purpose of inferring the utilization on a given wireless link. […]

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Virtual Office Hours

[August 10, 2020] Office hours will be held virtually until mid-September unless specifically requested for in-person meetings. For in-person meetings, masks are required and the office area is limited to a maximum capacity of two. All in-person meetings will be held in 211B Cushing due to logistical issues associated with opening the CDT space in […]

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Fall 2020 Office Hours

[July 12, 2020] Fall 2020 office hours will be as follows: Monday – 1-2 PM – 211 Cushing Wednesday – 9-11 AM – CDT space in O’Shaughnessy Friday – 8:15 – 11 AM – Dedicated appointment block in either Cushing / O’Shaughnessy (typically Cushing) Friday mornings are a dedicated block for scheduled appointments with students […]

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CSE 60774 – Advanced Networks

[April 20th, 2020] Advanced Networks will soon be on the books for the fall semester.  The overview for the course is listed below the break:

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Patent Update – FMNC

[April 20th, 2020] A nice surprise in my mail box at work with a fairly official document containing our patent awarded last year with regards to WiFi network speed characterization.

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