Research Group

We are now closed for Fall 2018 in terms of adding students. At this time we do not envision an opening for post-docs until Summer / Fall 2019 at the earliest.


Stephen Mattingly

Graduate Students

Alamin Mohammed
Rachael Purta
5th Year Ph. D
Bluetooth Proximity
Shangyue Zhu
Gonzalo Martinez
3rd Year Ph. D student
Workplace Performance
Zhongying Qiao
2nd Year Ph. D student


Peter Mycue Tesserae
Scott Null Tesserae / Wireless Institute

Alumni – Graduate

Working on this 🙂

Lixing Song Ph. D, 2018 Rose Hulman
Xueheng Hu Ph. D, 2017 Amazon – Lab 126
Lei Meng Ph. D, 2016 Google
Ben Bockstegge Masters, 2016 Kunz, Leigh, & Associates (KLA)
Shu Liu Ph. D, 2015 Salesforce
Dirk Van Bruggen Ph. D, 2015 Department of Defense
Qi Liao Ph. D, 2010 Central Michigan University
Dave Salyers Ph. D, 2008 Oracle

Alumni – Undergraduate

Spencer Spitz REU via AWARE Summer 2018 FMNC Android Graphical Interface
Cameron Pickard REU Summer 2018 Low-cost Raspberry Pi-based Environmental Sensing
Jose Abraham (Abe) Leon REU Summer 2018 Firearm Detection via Smartphone and Wearable Sensing