For Competitors


Due to concern over spread of the coronavirus, the 2020 Irish Dancesport Gala has been cancelled. If you have already registered and paid, we will be in contact with you to organize reimbursement. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email


Collegiate Competitors:

  • Early registration (Open until March 30th): $45
  • Late registration (Closes at 7:15am Saturday April 4th): $55 paid at the door.

Adult Competitors:

  • Early registration (Open until March 30th): $55
  • Late registration (Closes at 7:15am Saturday April 4th): $65 paid at door.

Competitors entered ONLY in Open-Level Events:

  • FREE

Payment for regular registration should be made through ND Student shop. If paying for large groups of people we recommend paying for ten people at a time.

Late registration can only be done through email and late registration payments can be cash or business/official check paid at the door. No personal checks please.

ATTN: ND-SMC Ballroom
315 LaFortune Student Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556


The ND Team will be offering crash space for a limited number of competitors. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Only competitors who have registered may request space. Those who are interested can email with the subject “Crash Space” and a list of male and female competitors who are requesting space. Some of the housing that we are offering is gender specific.

Registration Notes

Please pick up your registration at the Welcome Dance on Friday, April 3rd. If you are unable to attend Friday’s Welcome Dance, doors will be open to Century Center at 6:30am Saturday April 4th.

Judges will be enforcing syllabus restrictions at this competition. If any judge sees illegal moves for the specific round, they have the right to offer a warning or disqualify the couple.

Competitors may only dance two consecutive levels per style. The levels in consecutive order are Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-Championship, Championship.

Newcomer Definition: For the Irish Dancesport Gala, a newcomer competitor will be defined as two competitors who have been dancing no more than 12 months OR a female lead dancing at a level no higher than Silver paired with a follow who has not been dancing more than 12 months. We ask competitors to police themselves on this rule, but we also reserve the right to check registrations to ensure they are in compliance. If you believe a competitor is in violation of this rule, please email with evidence of why you believe that competitor is in violation.

Female Leads: In the special case of a female dancer who switches roles between leading and following, the two consecutive levels rule is slightly altered. A female lead is still limited to dancing no more than two levels total in each style, but she may lead at a level up to two levels lower than the level at which she is following. For example, a follow at the Silver level is eligible to lead Newcomer or Bronze, and a follow at the Gold level is eligible to lead Bronze or Silver.

Costumes are not recommended for dancers competing at levels lower than Gold.