Who Are We?

The ND/SMC Ballroom and Latin Dance Club offers dancing opportunities for every level of dance ability. We have everything from lessons for beginners who have never danced before and social lessons for those who want to learn a few dance steps, meet other dancers, and have some fun, to advanced technique-based lessons for those who want to learn the dances more in-depth. Throughout the year we also take part in collegiate dancesport competitions, and encourage anyone who is interested in dancing competitively to join us. Whatever your interests are, we are sure to have something you will enjoy!

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Dance Lessons

The club offers lessons for several dance styles. Join us for as many or as few as you would like!

  • Latin Lessons: Monday from 9:00–10:30 pm in the Smith Center for Recreational Sports Activity Studio 2 with our instructor Mario Skonieczny
  • American Lessons: Tuesday from 8:00–9:30 pm in Smith Center for Recreational Sports Activity Studio 4 with our instructor Kevin Guy
  • Social Lessons: Thursday from 8:30–10:00 pm in Smith Center for Recreational Sports Activity Studio 1 with our instructor Kathy Nate

If you would like to receive our weekly Ballroom Dance Club emails with lesson locations and details, please email ballroom@nd.edu.

**This semester, Fall 2020, we will not have our regular partner dancing lessons due to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. However, we still plan to have a few social events throughout the semester; information about these will be sent in the club emails.

Dance Competitions

Here are a few of the competitions we might attend in future years!

  • Purdue Dance Competition
  • Valpo Dance Competition
  • Irish Dancesport Gala

On-Campus Events

In future years, we may perform again in on-campus events hosted by other clubs and organizations:

  • Welsh Fam Dance Fest
  • Notre Dame Day

Club Activities

We take pride in the strong relationships we have in our ballroom community. Not only do we dance together at lessons, but we also get together for on-campus events, dominate Legend’s dance floor during salsa night, and bond over meals and movie nights. Here are some fun events that the club participates in outside of lessons:

  • Salsa Night and Swing Night @ Legends
  • Salsa Night at Vegetable Buddies